I started this site to document my research into the true nature of this beautiful planet that we live on. What’s that I hear you cry “But we already know that the Earth is a globe spinning round the Sun and hurtling through space at a truly astounding speed!”

At first that’s what I thought, case closed. That is until I started studying history for myself and not the historic untruths and downright lies that were imprinted relentlessly on my young mind whilst attending state school in the UK.

I used to sit watching endless documentaries on the idiot box thinking that I was learning about the world and furthering my own personal understanding of how things really were.

Then I gradually began to realise the extent of my social programming and how naive I was. Realising that your good grades at school are only a representation of how well the Tavistock Institute and Government have programmed your way of thinking is a bit of a body blow.

I am NOT declaring that the Earth is flat, round, globe, hollow, concave, convex, oblate spheroid, geocentric, heliocentric or whatever-centric. I never realised that there were so many different theories on the nature of the Earth. So why is it that today we only ever get taught about the one specific model?

So with this website I shall be looking into the history, examples, some experiments and proofs of the different models. Hopefully stimulating some discussion, and not just plain insults and trolling that seem to be the favourite from followers of one specific theory.

With the apprehension of the first post out of the way I would like to welcome you to Static Earth and look forward to productive debates on your perception of how our one and only collective home really is.