Static Earth

Thoughts on the true nature of this Globular Hollow Plane we call Earth


This video answers the question “How can the huge Sun circle around our tiny Earth?” It is due to the Coriolis Forces generated by the huge mass of the stars and a local example of these forces acting on this Earth is given. Popov’s paper “The dynamical description of the geocentric universe” is presented in detail and it comes to the same conclusion as Barbour’s paper. Geocentrism is a fully acceptable scientific proposal and is the ONLY proposal that agrees with scientific experiments. The agreement of geocentrism with the Bible’s account of Creation.

This video shows that Mach’s Principle (the huge effect of the mass of the stars upon the Earth) explains many features that are claimed to “prove” heliocentricity – Coriolis forces, equatorial bulge, dragging of pendulums, etc. It can explain all the main geocentric evidence with this simple model that does not use Relativity.

This lecture given by Dr. Robert Sungenis in Dallas, TX on 10/31/2015 provides an introduction and overview of the topic of Geocentrism.


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