Static Earth

Thoughts on the true nature of this Globular Hollow Plane we call Earth

Library – PDF

Welcome to the Static Earth library where you can find a whole assortment of learning aids.

Zetetic Cosmogony (Rectangle)

Zetetic Astronomy (Parallax)

Zetetic Astronomy (Lady Blount and Albert Smith)

The Waters Above the Firmanent (Issac N Vail)

The Flat Earth Conspiracy (Eric Dubay)

The Antarctic Treaty (1959)

Terra Firma The Earth not a planet (David Wardlaw Scott)

Square Pegs, The (Irving Wallace)

Is the Newtonian Astronomy True (William Carpenter)

Kings Dethroned (Gerard Hickson)

Midnight Sun, The (A. Smith) (Handwritten)

Museum of Science and Art, The (Dionysius Lardner)

One hundred proofs Earth not a globe (Wm Carpenter)

Our World (Charles Harvey Peck)

Sea-Earth Globe, The (Zetetes)

Sketches of Creation (Alexander Winchell)

Heaven and Earth (Gabrielle Henriet)

Foundations of Many Generations (E. Eschini)

Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions (John Michell)

Earth Not a Globe (Samuel Rowbothan)

Better and Flatter Earths (Patrick Moore)

Adrian Galilio (Lady Blount)

A Journey to the Earths Interior (Marshal B Gardner)


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